Friday, 8 June 2018

Random hairstyles: Braided buns and ponytails

Been uploading these in the individual posts for each hairstyle, but let's also have these recent-ish hairstyles in their own post :)
  • Ponytails
Featuring sunset lighting, which makes my auburn hair look really reddish, and I approve 100% :D <3:

Another ponytail shot at archery classes :):
 Side view:

SwordWomanRiona /
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  1. Marvelous styles...I love the first (pony tail) picture the best. Thanks for educating and inspiring long hair.

  2. If your face is round you need to create the illusion of length, and to do this, you can have your hair cut just below your chin, or in graduated layers.

    hair salon

    1. OK, my spamming dude, I published this because the corrections to this wondrous sentence just NEED to be written.

      1) So, first of all - My face is SQUARE, something clearly illustrated by all the square jaws showcased in these profile hair pics, don't you think xD? Basic research goes a long way ;)

      2) Second of all - I DON'T NEED to do anything, my face shape is perfectly well as it is, thank you very much.
      Believe it or not, people can like their face shape even if they're not the 'oval canon' we're all supposed to have (which is a stupid subjective mindset anyway). So no, I don't need to 'create the illusion of length' and I don't need to 'soften the angles', and I don't need to 'make it look thinner'. Neither do round face shapes. And oblong face shapes don't need to 'make their face look shorter' either. No one freaking does. Stop promoting this stupid idea that there's only one valid way of looking, for heaven's sake. Hell YEAH, I love my square face, so there's no need to try to make me self-conscious about it, dude.

      3) And finally, and most importantly - Don't you think it's ironic af to tell A PERSON WITH A BLOG DEDICATED TO HER LONG HAIR to cut it 'just below her chin'?? Dude, that's so hilarious I'm not even offended xDD
      Also, as a final word of advice, yeah, don't tell people with fine-textured hair who want more volume in their life to get layers, all right xD?

      So yeah, next time spam differently (and preferably, NOT AT ALL), because I'm LITERALLY the last person who would think your hair salon spam to be remotely interesting :)