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Hairstyles - Top knot donut buns

Lately I've been wearing quite a lot of high donut buns. I usually wear buns at medium height (except got the flipped bun, which is higher), but I made a really high top knot donut bun for a Missy (Doctor Who) cosplay back in September and then started experimenting with them, and I realized I really like how they look :) I've also tried cinnamon top knots and other buns without a donut, but so far I think my favourite is the donut top knot.

I wouldn't advise to wear top knots every day or very often, though, because the higher a bun is the more pressure to the scalp and that can cause headaches and can be harmful to the hair as well (traction alopecia if the hair is drawn back too tightly and/or too often). So I tend to do my top knots as loose as possible - even if some of these look tight, in reality they're never so tight as to cause headaches or pain. And in order to prevent any major traction issues, I also tend to alternate a top knot with braids or buns/ponytails at middle/low height.
  • For this style, I used:
-An elastic without metal for the initial ponytail. Another elastic (optional) to secure the har that'll cover the donut.
-Brush/comb to pull your hair up in a high ponytail and/or to smooth your hair. 
-Bobby pins (preferably open, closed can also work).

-Optional: A paranda/ribbon to braid into your hair (info about making parandas and braiding them into hair here), other decorative accessories (such as decorative pins, a small barrette, a comb, a fork, etc).

-Pull your hair up into a ponytail. I use a comb to help pulling my hair up, and a baby brush to smooth the hair into a more poliished look (this step can be omitted for a more casual/messy look). My long hair makes it harder to do a very high ponytail and keep the result smooth and non-lopsided, so I usually flip my hair upsdide down to let gravity help when it comes to pulling my hair in the ponytail xD

-Insert the foam donut through the ponytail so that it sits on top of the hair elastic at the base of the ponytail. 

-Take the ponytail and spread it over the donut, hiding it from view, and making sure the hair is evenly distributed. I usually make this step more secure by taking a hair elastic and sliding it over the hair-covered donut (this is optional).

-Gather the remaining hair and tuck it under/around the hair-covered donut, securing it with open/bobby pins if you need. Depending on how long your hair is, your ends will simply be tucked under the donut (and the elastic that I added on the former step would be seen), or you will have to wrap your length around it, hiding the optional elastic from view and adding to the volume.

-Optional: Decorating the bun with pins/flowers/barrettes/other hair decorative stuff.

More pics:

-You can also braid the remaining length and pin it around the hair-covered donut for a braided donut top knot look. Add a paranda to the braid for a very voluminous look:

Or a ribbon:

Pros of this updo (in my opinion and experience):
-Quick and reasonably easy.
-Imo, pretty stylish.
-Both  a polished or more casual look.
-A lot of  decoration options.
-Voluminous updo.

-Cons of this updo (in my opinion and experience):
-Top knots can cause headaches and/or traction if worn very tight or very often.
-I find it more difficult to get donut buns messy/casual. I do like polished buns a lot, though.

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  1. Very elegant...classic style!
    Third set of pics with scarf is especially beautiful.

    1. I agree!
      Now I want to try this bun too!

    2. ^^ Looking forward to seeing your take on it :D!