Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Flipped bun

Probably my favourite bun to date, or at least the one I wear the most. I like it because it's pretty quick and easy to do, and yet looks very elegant, imo - In both its more messy and more polished variations. It also holds really well all day. 

I learnt how to do it thanks to Habioku's video:
Flipped bun tutorial by Habioku

And this is my tutorial:
  •  Written instructions, with my own variations to Habioku's flipped bun:
   1) Gather your hair in a ponytail (no elastic needed). The higher the ponytail, the higher the bun will be on the head.
   I usually start gathering my hair in a high ponytail rather than a low one. Low buns tend to bother me more, and I also prefer the aesthetics of buns high on the head. 
   A high flipped bun, especially if secured with a sfork or hairstick(s) with adornments at the top, can also serve to make the face appear a bit longer. Not a necessary illusion all non-oval faces have to achieve, of course (I'm square-faced, and proud).
   High polished buns also draw attention to the nape of the neck, creating an elegant look, imo.

   2) Twist and coil your hair in a cinnamon bun. Flip the cinnamon bun, taking care that the ends remain inside (unless you aim for a messier, windswept flipped bun, then by all means let them stick out of the bun).
  I usually tuck my ends around the bun instead of letting them lie over it. When I flip the cinnamon bun, they're still tucked inside and protected. I sometimes let them stick out a bit too, though, for a messier look.
   I also usually don't rotate the bun. I just coil the hair around one of the hands in a cinnamon bun and flip it over.
   3) Secure the bun. You can use a fork, a hairstick or a pair of hairsticks, or spin pins and/or claw clips.
   Because my hair is so slippery, I usually use a fork/stick/pair of sticks, and then further secure the bun by adding a couple of small claw clips or some spin pins. That way it stays secure all day without me needing to restyle my hair.

And pics!
  • With a fork:

Messy flipped bun with ends sticking out vs more polished flipped bun.
Side view from both sides (two different days). The left one is more polished, the right one is more messy/casual

  • With a stick:

  • With a pair of sticks:

  • With a ficcaré-style clip:

-For flipped-buns with volume at the front, see my fem!Tenth Doctor hairstyle:

-Another flipped-bun variation with a stick: Instead of flipping all hair before inserting the fork o stick, here I flipped half of the hair and wrapped the rest around the stick:

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