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Length hairstory - 2012 and fingertip

You can find an abridged version of my hair journey from 2010 in the 'My hairstory' page. This is the first of a series of individual posts that's basically about a bit more detail about my hair growing over the years, plus a pic spam of length shots xD

Previous post: 2011 hair (classic length).

2012 was the year I reached fingertip (in between classic and mid-thigh, it's the length where you stretch your arm straight at the side and your hair reaches the tip of your fingers):

I regained a bit more thickness during this year, although I still wanted to thicken up the hemline (that hasn't really changed throughout the years, really, I'm always wanting a thicker hemline :S xDD). But overall this was a pretty good year hairwise - I'm actually back at fingertip now, after the big trim a couple of months ago from knee, and I'm looking at the 2011-12 pics for inspiration xD Hoping to start experimenting more with texture and styles now that I'm more comfortable with how the hemline is looking :)

But let's proceed with the 2012 pic spam xD (also featuring the way auburn hair changes hue with the lighting xD):
  • February:
  •  March: Length shots (plus heatless bun waves) from a test for a show organized by my Irish group for Saint Patrick's Day (I reenacted an Irish Queen of the Sidhe from the story of Oisín and Niamh). One of my favourite hair days, both regarding length shots, and bunwaves (original updo was a seashell bun) ^^
  • April: Finally reached fingertip! (and have a blurry pic to prove it xDD)
  • May: Two length shots featuring heatless texture experiments (braidwaves+bandanna curls/rag curls in the ends):

  • July: July 2012 has some of my favourite length shot hair pics :) Also involving my (Elven) ranger cosplay WIP with that leather jerkin :D xD
One of my favourite hair pics ^^

Next stop - 2013 and mid-thigh!

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