About : My hairstory

  This is a hair blog where I'll be talking about my hair journey, natural haircare, and styles.

  Blog organization:  I post about length shots, haircare, experiments with colour and texture, and hairstyles. Expect a great deal of pictures xD! Also written tutorials, product reviews, and videos. I edit existing  posts of my blog to update them with any new hair pics and/or video tutorials when they come up.

   My hair is 1a/1b F ii/ii according to Fia's hair typing system. It's straight with a very slight body wave in my side bangs and ends, very fine of texture and in the  upper 'medium' thickness category, nearing the 'thick' category (9.8 cm / 3.85" ponytail diameter). What with being straight and fine, despite the relatively high ponytail circumference, my hair is not very voluminous or full. My natural colour is a dark auburn, with copper and gold highlights. It's darker at the roots, apart from the golden hairs at my temples, and lighter and more coppery towards the ends.

  I've been wanting to grow my hair since I was 5 years old, and apart from trimming the ends, I have not cut it since. In 2011 I joined the Long Hair Community and began to take more interest in haircare and to actively grow my hair. I reached knee a couple in May 2015 (140 cm for me), and I've been maintaining there until now. Planning to keep on maintaining at knee for a good while until the hemline thickens up. Then we'll see what happens, but I'll probably not grow longer for the foresseable future. I trim about 1"/2-2.5 cm every season, with smaller microtrims in between if my ends need them. My hair grows pretty quickly, even at this length, so I don't lose a lot of length overall with the bigger seasonal trims.  I also S&D sporadically.


2016 length shots (maintaining at knee, currently aiming to thicken up the hemline):

  Pros of my hair: Shiny, soft, long (xD), dries very quickly (half an hour with a bit of help from the hairdryer in the roots does it for me), grows pretty fast,  I like my natural highlights (although I wish I could try having bright red hair without bleaching it!).  I often see the fact that it's so fine and not very voluminous as more of a con, but that also means my hair is not too heavy and updos don't cause me headaches or discomfort. Having hair that compresses down to nothing in certain updos can also be a pro in some situations when I need my hair out of the way, or when wearing wig caps.

  Also, I consider my hair relatively low-maintenance. Even counting the length and its very fine, tangle-prone texture, I don't spend all that much time detangling and brushing my hair every day, unless I've been wearing my hair down for quite a while. My length and ends are also nearly always soft without the need to oil or further moisturize them, which is pretty helpful (sometimes, quite sporadically, they do get a bit dry, usually when I try out heatless curl experiments, but some sweet-almond or jojoba oil soaking overnight usually does the trick).

 -Cons of my hair: Tangly, pretty delicate, gets easily charged with static, not voluminous/full enough (for my personal preferences, that is. I admire full hemlines and thick braids, but that doesn't mean that thinner/less voluminous hair is bad hair, not at all!). I also like my texture, but it's a pity that my hair doesn't hold non-heat waves/curls well, or for a long time.

Hair in 2015:

   My hair routine includes:

  •  Finger detangling. I'm comb-free except for a wide-toothed wooden comb when spreading product - like aloe vera or Nightblooming Panacea - on the ends. I find most plastic and hard bristle brushes to be pretty damaging, at least to my fine-textured hair. When finger detangling, I cause minor breakage (if any), because I'm in total control of the pressure applied to the knots and can stop before ripping through them like most brushes and combs do.
  •  Brushing twice a day (sometime more, depends if 'm wearing my hair loose) with a soft baby brush. The only one that doesn't hurt my hair, and I use it to smooth and spread natural oils after finger-combing, never to detangle.
  • I wash my hair twice a week. Current shampoos (with SLS, my hair's prone to getting oily at the roots) are D'Shila Orange shampoo and Yerbas Vivas Aloe Vera shampoo. I generally tend to go for strengthening shampoos aimed at fine-textured hair without much volume, with as little chemical ingredients as possible (one sulphate is a requirement, though). The D'Shila shampoos are great, some of the most natural, chemical-free shampoos I have found so far. Currently on the quest of looking for shampoos and products to reduce my crazy static. I never use conditioner (too much build-up for my fine-textured hair, and I don't seem to need more moisture). I blow-dry my roots (or I'll get a cold) and let the rest air-dry while finger-detangling. This takes 15-30 min overall, depending on the day and the weather.
  •  The natural products/leave-in treatments I use are aloe vera clear gel (daily to combat static), tea rinses (for greasy roots + shine), Nightblooming Panacea and Jojoba oil. I've also used sweet almond oil, henna, cassia, and honey and lemon treatments (and eggs, but I don't want to repeat that, the smell was horrible!).

   Regarding hairstyles, I really like braided styles (I'm still learning some of those, though, I should practise more), and I really like analyzing and/or recreating film and historical hairstyles.


  1. I love your hair,Ríona, and your blog.

  2. Gorgeous hair! Thank you for sharing your routine!

  3. Great hair, greatings; Humble knight seven.

  4. I love your hair! I'm still waist lenght but I want the classic lenght. I'm from Brazil and your blog is really amazing and helpful! Thank you for posting! :)

    1. Hi, thank you very much, fellow longhair ^^ :)! Glad you find the blog helpful :) Happy hair growing!