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Length hairstory - 2011 and classic

You can find an abridged version of my hair journey from 2010 in the 'My hairstory' page. This is the first of a series of individual posts that's basically about a bit more detail about my hair growing over the years, plus a pic spam of length shots xD
Previous post: 2010 hair.

Now back into haircare thanks to the Long Hair Community (I always kept my hair free of tangles, microtrimmed from time to time and found out about aloe vera, and cassia and tea-rinses), my goal in 2011 was to grow the shortest parts of my uneven hemline to classic and then trim my hair in a straight hemline. Thanks to my new haircare routine, I slowly regained most of the thickness I had lost 'thanks to' my not-so-benign neglect of the few years before, and finally achieved a blunt hemline at classic in August 2011 :D. I was really happy with my hair at this point (and I've recently achieved a similar hemline by cutting from knee to fingertip after going through a pretty bad shedding during 2016):

This pic from August 2011 is officially one of my fave hair pics:
 Pic spam of 2011 in hair:

  • January-February 2011: A little more than a month after I joined LHC, the longest parts of my hair got to classic length. But my hemline was too uneven to my liking because of a former inexperienced microtrim. Already regaining quite a lot of lost thickness back (taking good care of your hair really does wonders):
  •  April 2011: I must have microtrimmed the side a bit by this time, because the hemline was looking a bit straighter in Spring 2011 pics, but it became quite uneven again by June:

  • June 2011: As you can see (if you can with that horrible lighting xDD), my hemline had become quite uneven again. I decided to wait until all the shortest parts of my hair reached solid classic before trimming the hemline, though:

  • July 2011: Uneven part of the hemline can't be seen from this angle (the perspective of quite a lot of 2011 pics are fooling me with the uneven hemline business xD), but very nearly at classic (with the longer part of the hemline already past it):
  • August 2011: Trimmed the hemline at solid classic (approx. 1"). Before the trim, the left part of which had been a bit past classic and the right part nearly at fingertip!  Personally, I think my hair, which is naturally not very voluminous even if ii/iii in density, looks the best with a blunt hemline like this one, it's when it looks thicker: 
July - August - September 2011

  • September 2011: Did a cassia treatment:

  • November-December 2011: Braidwaves and bandanna/rag curls in the ends:

  • December 2011:Still maintaining at classic. By then, my next goal was fingertip.

Druidess willow headdress test :D
Bonus hair colour shot:

Next stop - 2012 and fingertip!

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