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Length hairstory - 2010

You can find an abridged version of my hair journey from 2010 in the 'My hairstory' page. This is the first of a series of individual posts that's basically about a bit more detail about my hair growing over the years, plus a pic spam of length shots xD

I've always had the intention of growing my hair long, but up to 2010 I went through a few years of benign-to-not-so-benign neglect. I let it grow, and it did keep growing, but I didn't do seasonal trims to even out the hemline, and didn't disentangle correctly or as often as I needed to :S I never used heat or chemical dyes or anything, but my hair being fine-textured and pretty delicate, this resulted in my hair losing quite a bit of density and sustaining more breakage and shedding that was necessary :/ It kept growing, though - even though it's so fine-textured my hair is apparently stronger than it looks xD - But I wasn't happy with the overall state of it, of course.

By 2010 I was a bit past tailbone and going towards classic length (the longer parts of my hemline were already practically at classic) - But my hemline was uneven and thinned out.

In December 2010 I joined the Long Hair Community (LHC) and finally began to take more interest in haircare. I began to detangle my hair in a hair-friendly way and as often as it needed to be detangled :S xD, and slowly I regained the density I had lost. I planned to even out the hemline as soon as I hit classic length, which I did in August 2011. As you can see in the pics below, some parts of my hemline were longer than others; I was planning to let the shorter parts grow until they reached classic and then even it all out.

These pics are from late 2010, from when I had started to take interest in taking care of my hair again. The uneven fairytailed hemline is still there and I was slowly regaining the lost thickness (my hair has never looked as voluminous as I'd like, speaking about the ponytail circumference here):

Btw, I personally think fairytale ends (when one doesn't trim the hair to even out or shape the hemline) are really pretty on many people, and definitely not "worse" than blunt ends (that's a toxic issue in the long hair world, I think :S). But on me I definitely prefer a straight, blunt hemline because I favour a more voluminous look and that's the hemline that achieves it the most for my hair. Also, my 2010 fairytale ends had quite a lot of breakage, and were very uneven - it was a look that in my opinion didn't look good at all. But even when not especially uneven, fairytale ends and me don't really go along, and I prefer to cut back to a straight hemline when my ends start to fairytale appreciably. That of course doesn't mean I may think fairytale ends mean 'damage' or 'bad hair', because that's not the case, that's actually a myth. My fairytale ends back in 2010 *were* damaged, but many people maintain a fairytale end look that's 100% healthy. It's all a matter of personal preference, really.

This is from Summer 2010 (I do like that colour ^^ - It's natural highlights combined with the remaining henna sheen from my first henna'ing, which faded out):

And another pic from Winter 2010:

Bonus (not blurry!) close-up of the half-up style:

Next stop - 2011 and classic!

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