Sunday, 5 October 2014

Hairtoy collection: Hairsticks (pic overload!)

*EDITED from time to time to update my collection*

Today's post is about the hairsticks in my collection, featuring a shameless pic overload! Hairsticks might be my favourite kind of hairtoy: I think they're versatile, easy to wear when you've got the hang of using them, and look beautiful in updos. What's not to love?

So here are the hairsticks I own to date, including some action shots. I got most of them at medieval fairs or on Etsy (it's pretty hard to find hairsticks on regular places, which is a shame). Click or open in new tab for bigger pictures.
1- Not a hairstick per se, but an unused pencil with an owl topper.

2 & 3- A curvy wood hairstick and a straight one with a curvy decorative top I got at a medieval fair. Curvy hairsticks work the best for my fine-textured, slippery hair, I've found.

4- A pair of straight wood hairsticks/chopsticks, painted dark red and my very first pair of hairsticks. They hold surprisingly well despite them being really smooth.

5- A German silver hairstick with a spiral top. I also got this at a medieval fair.

Action shots (featuring one-coil Chinese buns, Chinese braided bun and Chinese rope-braided bun):



6- A broader, heavier wood stick with a curvy decorative topper, also from a medieval fair.

Action shot (Chinese braided bun with paranda):

7- A pair of dragonfly-topped white hairsticks which turn bright blue in the Sun. From Aliarose on Etsy. Love them!

 Action shot (flipped bun):

8- A gorgeous silver plate and cobalt blue glass hairstick with detachable dangles which I got from Hairjems on Etsy.

-Half-up action shots:

-The Hairjems and Aliarose hairsticks, plus

9- A green ketylo (curvy hairstick) with a leaf topper. Definitely the most Elven hairstick I own! From Nightblooming on Etsy.

Action shot (flipped bun):

10- A simple pair of straight hairsticks which I got in a New Age/spiritual shop. They work surprisingly well.

Action shot (Chinese one-coil bun):

11- I already posted the pics of this LOTR One Ring Nightblooming stick in this blog, but it's so gorgeous it deserves to feature again :)

Action shot (cinnamon bun):

12 &13- Curvy light and dark wood hairsticks with decorative metal Celtic knotwork and dragonfly. From a medieval fair.

Action shot (cinnamon bun):

14- A Victorian-ish stick-fork with an amber crystal I got in a hair swap. 

15- A short red and blue wood stick I got as a gift with an Etsy purchase.

Action shot (flipped bun):

16- Wooden Gimli axe (AKCWoodworking)
17-Purple acrylic stick (Eaduard Sticks)

Action shots (cinnabun):

18- Mini Spanish rapier:

19- Lightsaber hairsticks:

Action shots (rope-braided length-shotening updo, cinnabun):

20 and 21 (pair)- Handmade hairsticks, part of the 2015 LHC Winter swap:

 Action shots (cinnabun, Chinese one-coil bun):

And to finish, this is how I keep my longest hairsticks:

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