Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hairtoy collection: Forks

*EDITED from time to time to update my collection*

Continuing with my hairtoys collection posts, here come the hair forks I have. Forks have become my most used hairtoy alongside hairsticks. I use hairsticks for Chinese and cinnamon buns and forks for my much-worn flipped-up bun. So far I've only tried double-prong forks, which are reasonably secure even with my fine-textured slippery hair, but I'd like to try three- and four-prong forks in the future as well. 
March 2017 update: Thanks to Morrigan from the LHC Winter Swap, I now have a Jeterfork 3-prong and it works so well :D!

1- Small 2-prong metal fork with spiral top (Bijoux Brigitte). Doesn't hold all my hair, so it's either for decoration (action shot I below, featuring a braided Chinese bun) or for half-updos (action shot II below).
2- The fork I use the most. Wood and 2-prong, from Bijoux Brigitte. Surprisingly sturdy and holds my slippery hair really well (action shot III, flipped-up bun).

3- and 4- Two wood 2-prong forks I got at a medieval fair. Action shots featuring flipped-up buns below:

5- A hairstick I forgot about in my hairstick list post, with a decorative dolphins top (medieval fair)
6- Another 2-prong wood fork (medieval fair)

7- wood, 2-prong fork, this time curvy and decorated with some green stones. I find this fork very nice, but despite being curvy (which usually helps secure my slippery hair) it doesn't work as well as the other forks I own. Maybe it's a bit too short or small. It works well on half-updos, though.

8- Lovely handmade TARDIS fork and copper fork which were part of the 2015 LHC gift swap:

9- A beautiful thre-prong Jeterfork and a couple of metal long pins, part of the 2016 LHC gift swap:

                                    SwordWomanRiona /

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