Friday, 18 July 2014

More bendy rollers heatless curl experiments

In this former post (Bendy rollers post 1) I described my first two attempts at using bendy rollers to get heatless curls. I didn't keep the rollers on for a long time in my first two attempts, so the resulting curls fell down too quickly for my taste.

I tried again, on post-wash slightly damp hair, and this time with smaller sections (8 vs 4 in the former attempts) because I wanted smaller, more defined curls rather than loose waves-curls. I also left the rollers on for a bit longer, 3-4 hours if I remember correctly (vs under three in the former attempts).  The resulting curls were, in both cases, more defined and did stay on for longer, although my stubbornly straight hair doesn't want to keep curls and waves for as long as I'd like no matter what I do *pouts*

-Third attempt (in order to reenact Frigga's Coronation updo, first post here (Frigga's Coronation updo: 1st take, part 1):

 Like I mentioned in the former bendy-rollers post, the drawbacks that these curls have for me is the lack of volume. I can get lovely, very defined curls, but my fine hair ends up clumped together in those curls and it makes the impression of less thickness and volume. And if I shake the curls in order to volumize the hair, it results in less defined curls and, often, frizziness and tangles. Btw, don't take me wrong, less voluminous curls are completely fine, but when it comes to wearing my hair loose, I prefer more voluminous curls, like the ones I get with the bandanna-curls process. These defined curls, however, I find great for updos and half-up, half-down styles. For example, for a half-updo like this one:

Only the lower ends are curled. Style is a ponytail with the length wrapped around it twice and secured with a hairstick;

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