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Thor - Frigga's Coronation hair analysis

  • Description:
-Film: Thor I (2011)
-Character: Frigga

Very voluminous bun, high on the head, with defined pin curls. Several front sections at the front and each side seem to have been separated and pinned up, decorated with pins, before putting the rest of the curls up, giving a textured feel to the sides of the head (before finding the last reference pic shown here I thought these side sections had been pinned after the rest of the hair was up, so my first recreation is off in that respect). Subtle left-side part.
  • Reference pictures (for larger pics, click or open them in a new tab).

Great reference for the way the starting front and side sections were pinned:
  • For this style I used (tutorial  and pics coming in next post):
-Bobby pins (open bun pins and some closed).
-Donut/foam hair piece/fake hair piece to add volume (optional, depends on your thickness).
-Decorative pins for the front and sides.
-An elastic for the ponytail.
-Comb and/or brush.
-Optional fixator, like hairspray
-Optional bendy rollers for added initial texture. However, curly hair is not needed for pin curls.
  • Videos that can help figure out the style:
1-The first style in this video is a high bun with curls. They're not as defined as Frigga's, and the shape is different as well, but the I find the visual info on how to create and pin these kind of defined ringlets useful. Only I'd stay away from that much backcombing. It really isn't necessary in order to get quite a lot of volume if you're attempting a pin-curls bun, in my opinion. General volume can be adquired with a donut or any other filling, but you don't need to backcomb every hair strand, that's really damaging to the hair. I personally only backcomb in order to get front pompadous (like with Missy's hair from Doctor Who).  I also don't think it's necessary to hairspray each and every strand - the pins are enough to keep the shape more or less defined, and hairspraying the finished style is enough to keep it in place. As for the volume, I have ii/iii hair (near the 'thick' category), but it's still very fine and pretty non-voluminous - and yet, I got the impression of quite a lot of volume when pinning curls in this way, without any backcombing. 


2-This style is similar to Frigga's in look, although the separate front sections are pinned differently, it's a bit less voluminous, and the texture is also different: The curls aren't defined curls like Frigga's and the technique in order to get them is different. Also, although the final result looks very nice, imo, the technique isn't very hair-friendly. Pulling on the hair sections like that means mechanical damage, something I'm not willing to try on my hair. 

3-Spirals instead of curls, and different bun shape (no side sections, less wide), but interesting because it shows how to add volume with a donut when trying these kind of styles. 

4-This updo with pinned curls is lower on the head than Frigga's but I think it might be one of the styles that's closest to Frigga's coronation bun. There are pinned curls and side sections that are added later (in Frigga's case, her separate front and side sections are added before pinning the rest of the curls, though, and they're pinned higher on the head as well). However, it's a great starting reference.

 I reenacted Frigga's style mostly following this video, and these are the things I'd like to change for my second try:

-Seeing as this updo is lower than Frigga's, and my resulting updo turned out quite low as well, I'd need to start with a high ponytail instead of with a half-up like in the video (after pinning the front section).

-I used a volumizing plastic hair piece to add a bit more volume, but next time I'll go for a ponytail with a donut, like I do with Missy's Edwardian styles (also with pin curls in series 9). A donut will give me more volume and it's also more hair-friendly (it was pretty hard to remove the plastic thingy, and it ended up causing a bit of breakage. Ah, the time before my using foam donuts were hard xD).

-I pinned the side sections after having the rest of my hair up, following this tutorial, but Frigga's side sections are pinned before, and higher on the head (I only found that last reference pic after trying the style for the first time).

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  1. be carefull with a sword; nobody want you take an injury lol

    1. ...I take HEMA sword-fighting classes and am always as careful as possible when cosplaying and posing with a weapon. Thanks for the advice, every weapon-wielder should always try to bear it in mind, safety comes first, but I do hope this wasn't meant to be patronizing (and especially, I do hope this wasn't meant to be 'women-with-weapons' patronizing).

    2. It's always nice when you update an older post and find patronizing sexist out-of-context older comments from a random dudebro with fragile