-Don't use my pictures without letting me know about it and/or crediting me, and strictly on haircare/hairstyle/non-f*tish long hair appreciation contexts (for example - haircare/hairstyle Pinterest boards).

-No spam, religious, hair-related or of any other kind. Seriously, will you stop sending me hair transplant spam already? LOL xD

-Trolling and offensive/creepy/out-of-context comments will be deleted

Trolls, I'm not interested to hear that you find long hair 'gross'. This is a long hair blog, so do go somewhere else, geniuses. The fact that I have longer hair than usual really doesn't affect you or your lives.

Also, this is a blog for people interested in haircare and hairstyling, and a place where I share my hair journey. Please refrain from out-of-context comments such as overly evaluating my hair or appearance in an uncalled-for way (this includes any kind of flirting or advances of any kind - this is not a dating site, so get out already, thank you). Well-meant compliments are obviously welcome :), but bear in mind that the main aim of this blog is to share my haircare and hairstyling hobby with other like-minded people. Men especially, please refrain from showing male entitlement and interpreting my hair pictures as 'pretty pictures' that you can freely evaluate.  This blog is actually not for that and I find that attitude grating.

Also please refrain from including gender stereotypes in your comments, well-meant though they might be. I am agender and a non-binary woman and I don't identify with the 'femininity' construct, so I find the kind of comments where I'm praised for being 'feminine' for having long hair extremely cringing. For me having long hair is an unisex thing that has nothing to do with gender constructs of 'masculinity' and 'femininity'. I also find it extremely cringing to be associated with sexist gender stereotypes and roles - My long hair does not instantly make me 'sweet' or 'a princess'. Likewise, please don't take the liberties to fetishize me as a 'warrior woman' because of my username and inclinations. Just be respectful. Thank you.