Friday, 19 January 2018

Hairstyles - 3-strand braided length-shortening buns

Today's post is another length-shortening bun (I also call them half-updos). These are great if you want to put up your hair but still show some length, or if you want to experiment with shorter lengths for a change :) I already posted about rope-braided length shortening buns, and cinnamon half-updos. This time, it's a three-strand braided half-updo :)

But first, I wanted to show the gorgeous blue acrylic stick my Gifter from the LHC (Long Hair Community) Winter Swap got me <3 It reminds me of the TARDIS a lot!

And now for the style:
This one shows how my auburn hair likes to change colour quite drastically with the lighting xD:
This style reminds me a bit of Leia's Ceremony braided updo (I did a paranda recreation of that one too), although it's different because the hanging braid is not partially coiled in the bun, as far as I know.
  • For this style, I used:
-An elastic without metal for the initial ponytail.
-A paranda (info about making parandas and braiding them into hair here). The paranda is optional, but a nice addition if you want added volume, hold and/or colour.
-A stick (also flexi-8, fork, clip, bun pins, or any hairtoy that works for you).
-Optional open bun pins for added hold.
  • Steps:
    1. Pull your hair into a high ponytail (as high or low as you want) and secure it with a hair-friendly elastic without metal. I find this style works best on medium to high ponytails, but of course, that depends on your personal likings.
    2. Divide your hair into three parts. We're going to braid it adding a paranda.
    Three-strand braids with paranda tutorial here: 
    3. Now you have a braided high ponytail, to form the length-shortening bun you start coiling the length around the ponytail base, leaving some of the length hanging down. With my length, I usually coil the braided length twice. The number of times you wrap the length around the base will depend on your initial length, and on how long you want the shortened braid to be.

    4. Secure the part that's up in a bun with a stick, clip, bun pins, flexi-8 or fork. I usually add a couple spin pins or some open bun pins in order to add a bit more hold to the finished style so that it stays put for the whole day.

    -Variations: If you don't like using elastics and/or wearing ponytails, you could also do this without the initial elastic, braiding your hair directly with the paranda (either low or higher in the head). I personally prefer to use gentle elastics because my slippery hair stays up better with the initial ponytail base, and I also find it easier to keep updos more polished that way. But it's perfectly possible to do all these styles without an initial elastic base :)

    You can form a full updo by coiling the remaining length around the half-updo. Here's an example pic of this style all bunned up at the end of the day:

    Gallery with more pics of this style:

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