Friday, 20 October 2017

Hairstyles - Three strand with side braids and paranda plus updo variation

I started wearing this style quite a lot last Summer - A three-strand braid with a paranda (tutorial in the link) with the addition of simple three-strand side-braids (pinned at the sides before tying them at the back in order to keep them more in place and with less bumps): 

I also like to wear a flexi-8 when wearing three strand-braids, both because of decoration and practicality - my straight, fine-textured hair is really slippery and even with the paranda the braid will become undone during the day, so the flexi-8 helps keeping the braid more in place. Also featuring a decorative star-pin in the half-updo section:

 Bunned variation: A simple braided low bun in which I twist the braid at the nape of the neck and secure it with a couple of metal bun pins (the half-up section also helps keeping the bun more anchored):

I was then working on a Tolkien study on the role of Númenórean women for a convention (which was last week), and this style somehow gave me strong Erendis vibes, so here are is casual closet cosplay Erendis with this style, with the star in her brow (which is the Evenstar, but pretty close to the description of the 'diamond in a fillet of silver' that Erendis Elestirnë 'Lady of the Star-brow' wore as a circlet). Actual cosplay pics - of Erendis and a Noldorin Elf - featuring this style coming soon :D!:

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  1. Beautiful up or down. The bun looks SO BIG ;-) Thanks for educating and inspiring long hair.