Monday, 16 October 2017

2012 hair - Irish Medieval Queen-inspired style

Today's post is another historical-inspired hairstyle, this time of an Irish Medieval queen/noblewoman, inspired by this depiction of Isolde (the one in the middle): 

I wore this style back in 2012 in order to impersonate the Queen of Tír na nÓg for a show that our Irish group prepared  to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

-What I did:  This is a pretty quick style - The hair is loose except for two front pieces, one on each side, beribboned in a criss-cros pattern and worn hanging down the front (I just folded the ribbon in two at the point where I wanted the pattern to start and started criss-criossing it. A knot at the end keeps the ribbon pretty fixed and secure). The style is completed with a circlet.

And an early test with three-strand braids:

SwordWomanRiona /

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  1. So lovely. Every time I see one of these blog updates it reminds me of my one trip to Ireland several years go, a lifetime experience for sure. ♥

    1. I've been twice to Ireland and I loved it, such gorgeous scenery, and the Celtic culture and language, of course <3 :)!