Friday, 25 August 2017

2011 hair - Celtic-inspired multibraided hairstyle

Today's post is a historical-inspired hairstyle, a multibraided do for my Celtic Sword-woman costume ‘reenactment’, back in 2011 (yes, I know, belated!), for a show that our Irish group prepared  to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day (video here).

What I did was braid all my hair in small braids, ten in total. They're simple three-strand braids, I guess this look would look cooler with some french or dutch braids or a couple of cornrows at the sides, as were worn by Celtic and Viking warriors. Two of the central ones are braided into another braid in order to keep the hair out of the face; the thinnest couple of braids are the front braids kept in place behind the ears; and the rest of the hair is braided in a reasonably symmetrical fashion, with thicknesses becoming thinner towards the front:

More pics from the show (although hair isn't that visible :/)  (for larger pics, click on pics or open in new tab):

I left the braids in my hair for two-three days (including washing my hair, I think that was the only time I've washed my hair in braids), and got tight braidwaves that lasted for days :)

The central multibraid resulted in crimpled braidwaves:

And to finish, a more casual version of the Sword-woman outfit, with a simple three-strand braid:

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  1. Very beautiful! The sword woman looks quite dangerous with a blade in hand. ;-)

  2. we have the same type of hair, mine is shorter and it's blonde. You hair is very beautiful! Is is ok to print out tutorials for my own use, please? Thank you

    1. Yay for hair twins :D! Thank you ^^

      Sure, please feel free to print whatever you like :) (I have that last 'copyrighted content' on my posts because I found a site posting my content as their own a while back :/ But it's 100% OK to use whatever you want for your own use, or to share/link to this blog, etc :) ).

    2. Yay!! Thank you. Jesus saves...

    3. You're welcome :)!

      (But no religious or out-of-context spam here, please. Let's stick to the hair stuff! Thank you).