Sunday, 26 March 2017

Random hair update II - LHC Swap hairtoys and braided buns

PhD work and other things mean I haven't updated this blog since December 2016 :S xD, so here is another random post with some pics from the last couple of months - Featuring braided buns with parandas, and new hairtoys from the LHC 2016 Winter Swap :D

In the last LHC Winter Swap I got, among some other things, such as lots of chocolate :D and a handmade lip balm, this gorgeous three-prong Jeterfork and a couple of metal bun pins with green stones. Both work great to hold my (slippery) hair and I've been wearing them non-stop for the last fortnight :D

I've also been wearing a lot of braided buns with my newest blue-and-purple paranda, sometimes with side lace-braids, and usually using my new metal bun pins:

SwordWomanRiona /

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