Sunday, 26 March 2017

Random hair update I - Heatless waves and length shots (kinda)

PhD work and other things mean I haven't updated this blog since December 2016 :S xD, so here is a random post with some pics from the last couple of months - Featuring braidwaves and heatless bendy-roller curls, and length shots of sorts (although with the added texture and the ponytails/half-ups, the real length is actually shortened).

Did some experimentation with braidwaves+bendy-roller curls on the ends mainly in February. Hemline still needs thickening up, hoping it does with some more maintaining, if not I'll consider trimming back to fingertip or something because I'm missing my thicker, blunter ends...But at the same time I also like being at knee, so we'll see xD

-Braidwaves plus bendy-roller curls (ends are still clumped together because of the rollers I generally prefer to leave them that way to avoid frizz xD):

-Looser bendy-roller waves, hardly any braidwaves;

-More braidwaves, tighter bendy-roller curls at the ends:

SwordWomanRiona /

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  1. PhD work...quite impressive. Everything in its priority.
    Your length shots are wonderful. ♥

  2. Whatever you decide to do, it looks beautiful. I admire your commitment to achieving such lengths. Best wishes to you. Regards