Saturday, 25 March 2017

Hairtoys - Flexi-8s

*EDITED from time to time to update my collection*

Decided to make a separate post about Flexi-8s (before it was part of the 'hairtoy-rest' post) because lately I've been using Flexi-8s more and more for braids, half-ups and updos, and my collection is slowly increasing as a result xD

 So far, I have eight flexi-8's: Autumn's Delight, Crimson Joy, Starlight, an extra-large 'Lúthien' one, North Star, Trinitee, the blue Flitter, and Sapphire Joy:

 My first ever flexi-8 from Lilla Rose was the October flexi of the month back in 2014 ('Autumn's Delight'). I got a medium judging on my fine-textured, highly compressible hair, but I have to say I was delighted to find that a medium flexi hardly holds even my most compressible cinnamon bun without additional help, so my hair is definitely thicker (and longer) than I thought :D!  It works great as a ponytail holder and an updo accent, but for updos I need a large (half-up, half-down) or extra-large (full updos).

The next flexi I got was the Crimson Joy (the December 2014 flexi of the month), as part of the LHC Winter Swap. This is a large flexi, and it works with half-up, half-down updos (length shortening updos), as well as a braid accent/holder:

Next came my first ever extra-large flexi as part of the 2015 LHC Winter Swap. Don't know what this one is called, but it has a really Lúthien-y aesthetic to me, so I call it the 'Lúthien' one :) I can wear this one in compressible updos such as cinnabuns.

Then came the January 2016 flexi of the month, 'Starlight'. This one has Missy vibes to me :)

My next flexi was the 2016 November flexi of the month, 'North Star', plus three decorative pins. I can never say no to anything starry (the troubles of being an Astrophysicist? xD), plus I thought they would look cool as part of Elven hairstyles:

Next was Trinitee, the Saint Patrick-inspired Celtic flexi of the month for March 2017. As a lover of all things Celtic, as well as copper and green, this has become my favourite one alongside the Crimson Joy;

Next was blue flitter:

And the last flexi, for now, is Sapphire Joy, part of the 2019 LHC Winter Swap :D:

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  1. These are so feminine and elegant. You certainly show the product in a most beautiful way!

    1. I do think they're very elegant :) As for 'feminine', well I'm gender-critical and non-binary, so I personally don't associate them with that, I just think they're beautiful in a gender-free way :) xD