Thursday, 15 December 2016

Random December hair update

  • Got the November Flexi-8 of the month, North Star, plus three decorative pins. I can never say no to anything starry (the troubles of being an Astrophysicist? xD), plus I thought they would look cool as part of Elven hairstyles:

  • Hair-colour pic! On my way to see Fantastic Beasts, I realized that my ends looked really red, so I snapped a pic because I'm a hair-colour nerd xD Natural colour at last, after all the Manic Panic fading!
  • One-coil Chinese braided updos
-First one is after coming home from a cosplay convention (Elven ranger cosplay, thus the ears xD), I just bunned-up a high braided ponytail with paranda and two side braids:

-And the second one from today - Made a new paranda yesterday :)!

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  1. Great update. Love your paranda ♥. Have a blessed Christmas and an even better year of 2017! Honored to be a blog follower.