Saturday, 1 October 2016

Haircare - Brushes, combs and finger detangling

During my trip in London this past week I finally got a Tangle Teezer (thanks to the Long Hair Community xD), so I thought, why not make a short post about my brushes and combs?

These are the brushes and combs that I currently own and use. From left to right: Backcombing and texturizing (I recently caved in and realized I needed this for sporadical cosplay and historical hairstyles xD), the Tangle Teezer (so far it works great for detangling the backcombing at the roots), wide-tooth wood combs (for sporadical length detangling and oil spreading at the ends), smoothing baby brush (my day-to-day brush after finger-detangling) and the plastic comb I use to put my hair up in ponytails and updos.

  • Finger detangling: Finger-combing is my main detangling method. I finger-detangle routinely in the morning and at night (also if I've been wearing my hair loose/in a half-up and it needs detangling during the day). My hair is very delicate and very fine in texture, and so I find most plastic and hard bristle brushes to be pretty damaging. When finger detangling, I cause minor breakage (if any), because I'm in total control of the pressure applied to the knots and can stop before ripping through them like most brushes and combs tend to do. Also, detangling my ends and length with a comb or detangling brush (such as the Tangle Teezer) causes a lot of static in my hair, so I stick to finger-combing when it comes to the length and ends. 
  • Baby brush:  One of the main essentials in my haircare routine. Soft baby brushes are are the only kind of brushes that don't hurt my hair, and I use them to smooth and spread natural oils after finger-combing, never to detangle. 
  • Plastic shell comb:  A snag-free hard plastic shell comb that I use when putting my hair up in ponytails and updos, never to detangle. 
  • Tangle Teezer: It works wonders in order to detangle backcombing in the root area, and it's also the gentlest detangling brush I've ever tried. But I still don't like using brushes in order to detangle my lower length and ends, and this brush seems to cause too much static in that area, so just using it for the root and upper length areas. Still, I'd call it an essential because it gets rid of any tangles in the root area with no damage.
-For leave-in treatments:
  • Wide-tooth wooden comb: Snag-free wide-tooth combs that I use in order to spread leave-ins, such as oils, aloe vera gel or Nightblooming Panacea, into my ends and lower length, usually after washing my hair. 
-Cosplay and historical recreation:
  • Backcombing and texturizing comb: Like I said above, I recently caved in and realized that sporadical backcombing for cosplay and historical recreation purposes was necessary (combined with synthetic hair rats and donuts for more volume), so I got this backcombing and texturizing comb, which does its work pretty well. And, as long as it's not done too often or too harshly (or in the length and ends!), I think that sporadical backcombing in the roots is not the most damaging thing you can do to your hair. After all, Missy is worth it xD
And she knows it xD
  • Tangle Teezer: The Tangle Teezer is well worth its money when it comes to detangling the backcombed roots easily and painlessly.

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  1. I have the same fine texture as you and I have loved my compact tangle teezer because it is so gentle. And as a bonus it gives a good head message too

    1. Good to know, thanks :)! Agreed about the head massage benefits :D