Monday, 19 September 2016

Length pics update: March-September 2016

Hairwise, these past months have been pretty much about benign (I hope!) neglect, to tell the truth xD. I've been maintaining at roughly knee (and did a bigger trim this month in order to even out my hemline), partly because right now I don't want my har to be longer, and also with the aim of thickening up the hemline, which has been a little bit thinner than I'd like to lately. Let us hope it slowly regains a bit more thickness, like it did when I hit classic length! 

Shampoo-wise, they kind of changed the formulation of Klorane's Sweet Almond shampoo, originally intended for fine-textured static-prone hair, a shampoo which had been working well for me for quite a long time - Thanks to this change, instead of less tangly, less static-y and a bit fuller, my hair actually looked less full and was way more static-y and tangle-prone, somehow. So I started trying the Klorane Flax shampoo (also intended for fine-textured hair with little volume), alongside the orange D'Shila shampoo (a strengthening shampoo with hardly any unnecessary synthetics which I love), and I believe it's feeling better now. It's a bit less static-y, a bit less tangly, and maybe a little fuller.  But yeah, my main concern right now is working on my hemline xD

So here are some monthly LHC-regulated (xD) length shots from March to September 2016. I also have some Elven cosplay length shots from the end of July 2016, which I'll be uploading soon in a separate post.

And a teaser of the Elven cosplay length shots:

SwordWomanRiona /

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  1. You may be surprised by this comment, but I would say trim to the hem of those khaki/green shorts (your thickness is super at that length) and maintain for a year. I think you would be very pleased with the results. Then go longer if you want to.
    BTW the cosplay pic is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! ♥

    1. I've considered going back to that length (fingertip), actually :), but I think I'll be maintaining at knee for a while to see how it goes and if it doesn't thicken up as much as I'd like, then I'll go shorter :)
      And thanks!