Friday, 15 July 2016

Braids - Dutch braids, parandas

Today's post is about braids  - Most pics are belated braid pics from a  few years ago that I haven't uploaded here yet, and one is fairly recent, and the one who prompted this post :)

  • Dutch braids: I'm either better at French braids or it's simply that I've practised those more, but I generally find Dutch braids to be more challenging fo rme, at least at the moment (some people think the opposite). I should definitely practise them more, because I really like how they look.
Pretty much the only Dutch braid pics I have, one of them with a paranda (as you may already know, I use paranda routinely in order to get more hold and volume in my braids):

  • Three-strand braid with paranda - This is the recent pic :) Lately I've been wearing 3-strands with an initial half-up and a flexi-8 at the nape for more hold:

  • Multi-braided style with paranda: For my Elven ranger cosplay back in 2013. As I recall it's two side braids and a French braid with paranda at the back, with the side braids coiled around the base of the French braid and around it:
                                        SwordWomanRiona /

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  1. What amazes me is that I know braiding shortens the length a bit but you are still SO LONG with it braided. And your parandas always look so nice in a color with your outfit! Thanks for inspiring.