Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Hairstyles - Noldorin Elf cosplay crown braided updo

Today's cosplay related post features a crown braided style for my Noldorin Rivendell Elf OC (Original Character).  worn last weekend during a Tolkien convention:

And front view (click on pics or open in new tab for larger size):


I favour braided updos for this outfit (crown-style, mostly, and with parandas or ribbons). Both my personal headcanon and some Tolkien references describe Noldorin ladies as wearing braided updos (crown braids or other), and bejewelled hairnets, snoods and tressures. I particularly like the headcanon of Noldorin women favouring hairstyles ressembling Italian Renaissance updos (hair taping and the like). The hair taping-inspired variation of this crown braided updo can be found here.
  • For this style, I used:

-An elastic without metal for the initial ponytail.
-Two parandas (info about making parandas and braiding them into hair here). Parandas are optional, but a nice addition if you want added volume and colour. You could also use ribbons or (metallic) cord.
-Bobby pins (closed and open). Lots of them in my case xD

  • Steps (video tutorial planned!):
The steps I followed for this 'Noldorin updo' are similar to the 'Noldorin' hair taping variation, with some differences (3-strand braids vs rope-braids, no hairstick, and, of course, no taping):

1. Pull your hair into a high ponytail (or a low one, I went with a high one) and secure it with a hair-friendly elastic without metal.
2. Divide your hair into two parts. Braid each section (standard three-strand braid), adding a paranda.
3. Pin each braid around your head with closed bobby pins. I pinned one braid first until I reached the elastic at the back of the head (and left the rest hanging), and then pinned the other in front of the first one. You can also criss-cross them (I think I ended up criss-crossing the braids at one side and leaving them paralell in front and at the other side). 

4. Wrap and pin the remaining length of both braids around and over the elastic at the back, hiding it and creating a bun.

Bigger pics of both sides and the back:

                                SwordWomanRiona /

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  1. So elegantly beautiful...the Sword Woman is magnificent. ♥

  2. Hello :) The updo is lovely, you have a great shape of head for updos :D and I really like the wispy hairs too.

    I'm just wondering what foundation are you wearing, if you are wearing any? It looks like porcelain. Thanks!

    LadyCelestina from LHC

    1. Hi, LadyCelestina :) *waving to her fellow LHC'er :D*!

      Thank you very much, you're too sweet ^^!

      I use Sephora's MicroSmooth foundation powder (in 'Porcelain', actually :D). Really like it, it's really light and natural-looking :) For this cosplay I was also wearing some contouring powders from Nyx.

    2. *hands you a slice of cheese (although no real clue why the cheese has became a LHC symbol :DD*
      Thank you! That's probably not available where I live though...

    3. *Not a clue either, but thanks, I love cheese :D!*

      You're welcome :) If you're interested about that certain brand (Sephora), I think there could be a store in your area (I'm judging by the language in your blog :)) - Not very knowledgeable about it, but I think they have stores in quite a handful of European countries :)