Wednesday, 27 January 2016

LHC Winter swap 2015!

This lovely gift came yesterday from fellow Long Hair Community member Areté, as part of our annual Winter swap :):
 The gifts are all so lovely and thoughtful, and Areté crafted nearly everything, from hairsticks to hair forks and pendants:

 This is my first XL Flexi-8, and it just screams 'Lúthien!' I can't wait to try it as part of my Lúthien Tinúviel cosplay!

Hammered copper fork, oak sticks with deep red toppers, and an adorably bad*ss hair-sword!

And a TARDIS fork, which had Whovian me fangirling :D

Harry Potter finishing pins and buttons, plus a moonstone and iolite ring/pendant. She also crafted a couple of pendants (a horse and rune stone):

And to finish, this delightfully geeky glass bottle with maps of Gallifrey and Middle-earth inside :D

 Action shots of the hairtoys coming soon!

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