Thursday, 3 December 2015

Hairstyles - Multibraids

Pic overload today! Multibraided styles, featuring side braids (lace, French and three-strand) braided into a simple three-strand; and smaller three-strand braids braided into a bigger one:
  • Lace side braids braided into a three-strand braid:

  • French side braids  braided into a three-strand braid:

  • Three-strand side braids  braided into another three-strand braid:

  • 3+ three-strand braids braided into another three-strand braid:
-Three braids (one at the back of the head, one at each side) braided into another braid:

-Left: Two accent braids at each side forming one braid at the back of the head, plus four braids at nape-level (total of four accent braids and five braids), all braided together into one braid (might do a tutorial of this one in the future).

-Right: Three braids at nape-level braided into another braid.

SwordWomanRiona /

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  1. My goodness, you were busy making this post! I just want to say all your styles look have grown and taken care of your hair so nicely, and you have the talent to make so many lovely styles. Thank you for educating and inspiring!

    1. Thanks :)! And most of these are belated pics I hadn't uploaded yet, so it wasn't that much work :D