Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hair in 2015 - Texture experiments and hair in cosplay

The second part of the 2015 hair recap and 2016 hair goals! 

-Hair texture experiments: I've continued to experiment with heatless bendy rollers curls and braidwaves, especially for cosplay purposes. I've also started using Lush's sea spray as a hair fixator on the ends before adding the bendy rollers. It works pretty well for me and doesn't over-dry my hair (I also only use this method sporadically), although I always deep-oil the ends after. In 2016 I'd like to continue experimenting with more heatless waves/curls methods.

-Hair in cosplay: Apart from River Song (Doctor Who) and Elsa (Frozen), I've been using my hair for all my cosplays, in styles ranging from updos with heatless curls (Fem!Sherlock, Sherlock BBC) or with fake hair for more volume in the front (Fem!Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who), to multi-braided styles (Lúthien Tinúviel, Rivendell Elf, Tolkien universe), to high braided ponytails (Elven ranger, Tolkien universe), to half-ups with loose hair (Noldorin Elf, Tolkien universe). In 2016 I plan on cosplaying Elsa and Merida, which require wigs, and also Missy from Doctor Who, and for her I'll be using my hair and learning Edwardian updos.

  • 2015 heatless texture experiments and hair in cosplay pic overload:
-Bendy rollers curls and braidwaves:

-High braided ponytail for my Elven ranger cosplay:

-Half-up with heatless texture for my Noldorin Elf cosplay:

-Elisabethan hair-taping inspired updo for my Rivendell Elf cosplay:

-Fem!Sherlock half-up half-down cinnabun with heatless curls:

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