Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hair in 2015 - Styles and video tutorials

And the final part about my 2015 hair journey and activities!

-YouTube channel: In 2015 I started to upload - at long last - hairstyle tutorial and haircare videos. I plan on continuing to upload more tutorials, including my cosplay styles, in 2016.

-Styles: I've been wearing lots of parandas in my three-strand and rope braids; lots of braided ponytails, flipped buns, donut buns and cinnabuns; half-up half-down rope-braided updos; and, less often, French braids. In 2016 I'd like to wear my hair loose a bit more often (in half-ups, perhaps), and keep practising side braids and braided styles in general.   As for new styles I have learned,  I'd highlight Leia's Ceremony updo and Elisabethan hair-taping. In 2016, I'd also like to post about film styles more often.

  • 2015 most worn styles and new learned styles pic overload:
-Updos: Cinnamon, flipped, donut, braided with paranda:

-Braids: Three-strand with paranda and flexi-8, braided ponytail, French:

-Length-shortening updos: With cinnabuns, usually rope-braided:
 -New styles: Elisabethan hair-taping, Leia's Ceremony updo:

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  1. Wishing you much personal and professional success in 2016. Thanks for educating and inspiring! I know the blog and the vids are a significant amount of effort, especially at the high level of pictures and writing you present. Rock on Princess Riona!

    1. Thanks and same to you! Definitely not a 'princess', though xD More of a Sword-woman Elven Time-Lady, I think xDD