Thursday, 31 December 2015

Hair in 2015 - Length and colour

The first of my three-parter 2015-recap hair series and 2016 hair goals!

-Length: This year I finally reached my goal of knee-length hair. I plan on staying here for a good while, maintaining at knee to thicken up the hemline, which is a bit worse than it was a couple of years ago (growing to the next milestone without maintaining might account for the loss of thickness). My main goal for 2016, regarding hair, is to thicken up my hemline.

-As for colour, the Vampire Red Manic Panic from two years ago has finally nearly faded out completely (some cool reddish tints remain in my lower length), and my hair is nearly back to its original dark auburn which changes drastically in the lighting when I take pics xD. I plan on using a batch of Jamila henna which I have had for nearly a year on the first fortnight of January, because, while I already have quite a lot of red highlights already, I do miss that henna red shine in the Sun :)
  • 2015 Length shots (and 90+% natural colour) pic overload:

-January 2015, getting close to knee length:

-April-May 2015, almost knee length and with the remaining Vampire Red showing:

-May 2015, the first time I reached knee-length! (I trimmed back a couple of months later and I'm back to knee length now):

-September 2015, length shots in the Sherlock Holmes pub in London:
 -October 2015 hair-detangling video still:

-December 2015 length shots and colour in the Sun:
 -May vs December 2015, both knee-length:

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