Monday, 28 December 2015

Film hairstyles - Leia's Ceremony braided updo

Here's my version of Leia's Ceremony braided updo with parandas, which I wore to see the new Star Wars film :)

-Film: Star Wars IV: A New Hope (1977)
-Character: Leia Organa
-Brief description: A braided bun (with a ponytail as base and hair donut to add volume) with a braid hanging loose from the center of the bun.
  • Reference pics:
  • Starting texture:  Straight (my natural hair texture)
  • I used:
-A metal-free elastic for the starting ponytail.
-Three parandas.
-Small metal-free elastics in my hair colour/the colour of the paranda (or transparent ones) for the braids.
-A large donut.
-Lots of open bun pins.
-I didn't need any hair fixators (such as hairspray) for this style.
  • Method and video tutorials:
I followed Torrinpaige's wonderful tutorial:

Adding three parandas, one for each braid, in this fashion:

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  1. What I find amazing is the size of your bun PLUS the ability to make a substantial braid. Now I know the paranda adds volume, but still very special hair. Quite a magical style.

    1. Thanks! As for the volume, I am wearing a large foam donut as well, that adds most of the bulk in the bun ;) xD