Thursday, 12 November 2015

Casual updo with out-of-the-bun ends

Today's post is about a 'casual-messy' updo with loose heatless curls on the ends that I tried a few years ago, following the video tutorial below (it's in Spanish):

My (quick) take on this style:

  • I used:
-A metal-free elastic for the initial ponytail
-Lots of open and closed bobby pins
-A couple of decorative hair clips
  • Steps and variations:
I followed the tutorial for the most part, with a couple of variations (also, I wasn't looking at the video on the morning when I tried it, so I didn't really remember everything xD): I left my ears uncovered (I find hair over the ears uncomfortable), I hardly twisted the side sections, and I left the out-of-the-bun ends on the side instead of in the middle of the bun. I also ignored any heat styling or teasing. For this style I didn't use any hair fixator, and the style stayed for most of the day.

  • Final thoughts (and pros and cons):
The result was messy, with lots of flyaways, but it suited the casual idea of the style, so I didn't mind that :). Styles such as these take longer than my usual updos, and can leave my hair more tangly at the end of the day, but I really like how they look, so they're absolutely in my list, if a more sporadical option :)

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  1. Love it....of course the sunlight on your hair makes it even more beautiful! Thanks for inspiring long hair girls around the world.