Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hairstyles - Ponytails

This post will be about ponytails, and mainly a picture overload :D. I love the look of high ponytails, and it's one of my usual go-to hairstyles. I generally wear braided ponytails, or ponytails with more than one elastic containing the length, though, because my length can become pretty static-y and tangled. Pics range from late 2011-2015 (click on pics for larger version):

  • The standard high ponytail:
Standard high ponytail with an elastic (preferably one without metal so that the hair doesn't break - So please ignore the pic with the metal-elastic *shudders*). The base can be as high as the top of the head, or as low as the nape (low ponytail). You can also hide the elastic with some hair from the length, or use scrunchies or flexi-8's instead of elastics.


With heatless braidwaves and/or curls:

  • Braided high ponytails:
Can be worn in their own, or with ribbons and/or parandas. I personally favour high braided ponytails with parandas (tutorial here). 

Without parandas:

With parandas:

I sometimes add accent braids on the sides, which can make for a more Elvish look:

  • With elastics containing the length:
Helps my hair to remain less tangled and static-y for longer and I like the way it looks :):

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  1. All are quite beautiful. I especially like the picture with you viewing the ancient weapons. :-)