Monday, 17 August 2015

Hairstyles - French braids

After the standard three-strand braid, the braid I wear the most is the French braid. French braids  follow the same three-strand pattern, only you start at the top of the head with a small section (which you divide in three parts and start braiding normally), and then keep adding hair from both sides as you braid until you reach the nape of the neck. From that point, you keep braiding your hair normally in a three-strand braid until you reach the ends.  

 You can add wool/silk parandas or ribbons to the braid for added colour, decoration, or hold against fine-textured, slippery hair. There are quite a lot of variations without the need to add parandas or ribbons, as well - Braids can be tighter or looser, starting higher or lower, side-swept or straight down the back, with more or less volume at the top, and gelled back in a sleek look or with bangs and/or small strand of hair out of the braid for a more casual look. 

Combine a side-swept looser braid starting lower in the head, with snowflake pins as decoration, volume at the top and a casual look with bangs and small strand of hair out of the braid, and you'll have the Elsa braid going on ;) (and yes, even though my fine-textured hair isn't very prone to volume and I already have an Elsa wig for my cosplay xD, I will try to make an Elsa braid tutorial, because Elsa :D).
I'll be updating this post shortly with a couple of French braid video tutorials  (and an Elsa tutorial will follow in the near future, probably on a separate post).

Meanwhile - Pics!
  • Simple French braid
I normally wear braids with parandas and the like because of the added hold (my fine-textured slippery hair makes tight braids transform into loose braids in no time), but sometimes I go for a Frech braid with no paranda. I often like to add a barrette or a flexi-8 at the nape for hold and decoration.

  • Beribboned French braid

  • French braid with paranda
The style I wear the most :) I usually add the paranda at the top when I start braiding, sometimes I add it when the braiding reaches the nape:

With a flexi-8 at the nape (pic taken at the end of the day, flyaway hairs all aroundxD):

Paranda starting at the nape:

                                    And a bit of an Elsa braid with the snowflake pins :D:
  • French braid plus high braided ponytail: 
In this variation, you start French braiding at the top of the head, then gather your hair in a high ponytail and braid the length normally:

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  1. These are all so elegantly beautiful.
    Your length is so much now that you can braid and still have it past classic :-)
    Great post, thanks for educating and inspiring ♥