Friday, 3 July 2015

One-coil Chinese braided bun - video tutorial

My latest hairstyle video tutorial is about what I call the 'one-coil Chinese bun', in its braided variation. It's different from the standard 'Chinese bun' when it comes to wrapping the hair around the stick - Instead of separating the length in two before wrapping, my 'one-coil' variation involves wrapping all the hair around the stick, then over the elastic to hide it (in the standart Chinese bun the fact that the hair is separated before wrapping it around the stick covers the elastic), and around the stick again until you run out of hair.
I personally find my 'one-coil' variation, braided or unbraided, to be more secure than the standart Chinese bun, for which my hair needs a lot of pins to prevent it from slipping and becoming undone.

This type of bun without the paranda:

With two sticks, a more elongated version:

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