Saturday, 4 July 2015

Lúthien cosplay braided hairstyle

When I'm cosplaying Lúthien Tinúviel from Tolkien's Silmarillion, I usually wear my hair loose with heatless curls on the ends and a simple braided half-up with leaf ribbons, gems and/or small white flowers (I'll be posting some pics of that style in the near future).

During a Tolkien convention in December 2014, however, I ended up experimenting and came up with a multibraided hairstyle. I usually imagine Lúthien with loose hair, but I think braids would fit her too, especially when your present occupation is being on a quest that involves walking long distances and fighting evil Dark Lords! (she did have her hair shorter during the quest, if we're being purist, but do bear with me).

So this is how it looked:

It's a fairly simple multibraided style, the half-up is the same I usually do when cosplaying Lúthien with loose hair, it involves two three-strand side-braids (lace-braids or simple English braids) with leaf ribbons braided into them and either small gems or small synthetic flowers as decoration (or both!).  The next step of this style involves braiding all the hair into another three-strand braid with a paranda, and adding flowers to the braid as a final touch.

And a couple of pics from a nature shoot this past September:

And with just the two sides braids, with the rest loose:

(Here the lower length density is slightly photoshopped in this pic because the ends came out really clumply and stringy because of the braid, and I tried to make it look a bit more like my hair's non-stringy state xD. Length is real xD):

I'll probably be doing a couple of video tutorials for my Lúthien styles soon-ish :)!

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  1. A beautiful hairstyle and equally as beautiful of a dress. I would call it a magical combination ♥