Monday, 22 June 2015

More bendy roller curls and length shortening updo

This is the style I did for the singing end-of-term concert at my music academy. A length-shortening updo with bendy rollers heatless curls on the ends:

  • Texture: Braidwaves + bendy rollers curls on the ends.

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After braiding my post-shower mostly-dry hair in a three strand braid with a paranda, I wrapped the ends around a bendy roller, secured it with an elastic and sprayed the ends and some of the length with salty water generously (I use Lush's Salt Sea Spray). I wore my hair like that for nearly a day and took the bendy roller and the paranda off just before the concert. These below are the results at the end of the concert (roughly two hours after I took the bendy roller off).

The Salt Sea spray gives me quite a lot of hold, especially when I leave the roller on at least overnight. The curls do fall a bit after a few hours, but I retained waves in my hair until the next time I washed it. Cons for me are that, even though this salty spray is infinitely heathier and more effective than hairspray for my hair, it can get a bit frizzy and tangly, and I generally oil my ends generously with jojba or sweet-almond oil to avoid dryness after these sporadic times when I need a lot of fixation (I have yet to try flax seed gel as a (moisturizing!) fixator, Henrietta recommended it to me, and I really want to try it out).
  • Style: Length-shortening cinnamon bun. 

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This style is very similar to the cinnamon half-updo here, only with curls at the ends. I used a couple of spin pins and a Gimli axe hairstick (I sang Hobbit songs :) ) to keep the cinnamon bun part in place. And in this case, I added an accent braid at each side, gathered into the high ponytail with the rest of the hair before bunning it.

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