Thursday, 21 May 2015

Length shot May 2015: Knee length!

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(Sorry to spam you about this, but that wesite has been stealing many of my posts. I think I've succeeded in blocking their IP from accessing this blog, let us hope it works)

I reached my goal of knee-length at long last! :D Now to maintain in order to get rid of some splits and thicken up the hemline - My ends have been a bit thin since last Autumn, so now I've reached my goal, it's all going to be about maintaining trims :)

Length shot with houseclothes and post-shower hair that's still a bit damp, but hey, milestone!!

SwordWomanRiona /

-The site is stealing quite a lot of material from this blog, even though I've tried to block their IP twice so that they wouldn't be able to steal any more posts of mine. I wanted to mention that those posts were copied and pasted from my blog without my permission. 


  1. Congratulations on a very rare and special accomplishment. Not just long but in beautiful condition also. Now just relax, enjoy, and love your length! ♥