Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Beribboned hair: Updos

Lately, I've been favouring parandas, but I also love adding ribbons in my hair, especially for 3-strand or multi-braid styles, and updos.

Here are some of my beribboned updos, from different stages in my practising timeline :) (click or open in new tab for larger image)

I'm planning a short video showing how I braid ribbons into my hair (there are useful tutorials on YouTube as well), and I found useul help in this Long Hair Community thread (started by me) as well.
  • Braided bun: I added a long turquoise ribbon to a three-strand braid and bunned it, letting the extra ribbon fall out of the bun as decoration. It reminded me of something a Jane Austen character would wear :)

  • Braided top knot bun with a green ribbon for a Saint Patrick's Day look:

  • Braided Chinese buns (post about the Chinese bun, both simple and braided, will be coming soon)

Tutorial of this last style:

SwordWomanRiona /
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  1. Wow, I love your braided bun!
    I think I might have to find some ribbons and try that one out.

    1. Thanks :) I'll be posting a tutorial for the last one soon, btw :)

      Looking forward to seeing your versions :)!