Sunday, 22 March 2015

Beribboned hair: Braids

Continuing from my former post about beribbboned updos, here are some pics of beribboned braids I have tried, also from different stages in my practising timeline :) (click or open in new tab for larger image)

I'm planning some short videos showing how I braid ribbons into my hair (there are useful tutorials on YouTube as well), and I found useful help in this Long Hair Community thread (started by me) as well.

  • Three-strand braid: The simplest kind of braid to add ribbons to, and the first one I tried (usually with green ribbons at that time)

  • Three-strand braid as a half-up:

  • French braid: You add the ribbon in the same way you'd do for a three-strand, then you start adding hair from both sides to create the French braid.

  • Accent braids:  Lots of variations are possible (One braid at each side, having more than two  braids, combining different ribbons, tying the accents braids together to form a half-up or letting them hang loose, etc)
Accent side braids with rope-like red ribbons, this style reminds me of Celtic or Elven styles.

Same style, but instead of braiding, I crisscrossed the ribbon around the strand (Irish Queen cosplay/Elven cosplay):

Two accent side-braids with a leaf ribbon (and, in the last case, a dark blue ribbon), tied together at the back (Lúthien Tinúviel cosplay, Noldorin Elven lady cosplay):

  • Multi-braid: Ribbon can be added to accent braids at the sides, which are then braided together with the rest of the hair (see below). Other options include having side braids and adding ribbon to the general braid, instead, or combining different colours, or any variation you come up with, really :)

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