Monday, 16 February 2015

January-February length update

Edging ever closer to knee, but still a couple of inches to go! It's definitely grown since Spetember, trims and microtrims included, but it's taking forever at this stage!

First pic is from mid-January (midday, sunlight outside) and the second one is from yesterday, with braidwaves (at night; braidwaves make the hemline look a bit thinner than it really is). And yes, I'm such a lazy length-shot photographer, house clothes and nightgown ftw xDD!

I've done a seasonal trim, plus a couple of small microtrims in the past three months, but I want to grow to knee, then maintain in order to thicken up the hemline, which has thinned out a bit since the Summer (probably because of the Autumn shed... ).  I'm trying out a new orange-based shampoo (D'Shila brand), meant to strengthen and give a bit more volume to fine-textured hair, and I think it's become one of my favourite shampoos. It feels and smells really great, doesn't have harmful chemicals and it actually seems to be working - my hair definitely feels better since last week, the hemline as well. I'm still not 100% happy with the hemline, but it's definitely improved after the Autumn shed, and I plan to go on a hardcore maintaining mode as soon as I get to knee (maintaining just after I hit classic on 2011 did wonders to my hemline, I hope this will be the case as well).

 #Auburn hair problems: Colour-wise, my new camera doesn't seem to be able to handle my dark auburn hair xD. Sometimes it shows up dark brown with ashy or even blue undertones (like September's length shot), sometimes it shows up really auburn and coppery, especially when it's sunny outside. Usually during the same day and with the same, or similar, lighting. Definitely not complaining about the red-oriented pics! (always craving for red hair, me xD)


  1. Again I wish you good luck on achieving knee length ( red) hair. So close & yet so far as they say. Best regards to you. Steve

    1. Thank you :)!

      I think I may have reached knee already, or at least it looked like it two days ago, but I want to measure in order to be sure before I claim to be a knee-length longhair :D

      Now for the 'red' part!