Thursday, 18 December 2014

LHC Winter Swap 2014

 I received my Winter Swap gift from The Long Hair Community yesterday, from fellow member Vanilla! 
I got three dark chocolate bars (yum!), three lip blams with lovely fruity smells, three boxes of Jamila henna (I was actually planning on henna'ing during this month, so yay!), and last but not least,, a gorgeous large flexi-8, the December edition 'Crimson Joy' from 

And some action shots, featuring a half-updo with a paranda (rope-braided high ponytail with the length twisted around the elastic twice):


  1. I love this Flexi. Almost as much as Ruby's Bouquet. I managed to get one before they disappeared but in Mega only and it turned out to be too big. Now I'm trying to get an XL after all.
    Your updos look awesome with it! :)

    1. Thanks, Henri :)!
      I still haven't tried the XL and megas, but I want to give them a go :)