Monday, 3 November 2014

Hairtoy collection: Rest

*EDITED from time to time to update my collection*

This general Hairtoy Collection part features elastics, scrunchies, bobby pins, spin pins, claw clips, parandas, hair donuts, some Ficcare-style clips, barrettes, a buncage and small decorative hair stuff. Picture overload ahead!

1. Parandas, hair donuts, elastics, scrunchies, claw-clips and bobby pins.
From  left to right: A handmade paranda (Posts about parandas here), a hair donut (recently bought a larger one, not in the pic), examples of spin pins and metal-free elastics, and a couple of scrunchies.
From left to right: Metal-free elastics, spin pins, claw clips and some other plastic hair stuff, and bobby pins (both open and closed). 

More parandas:

 Action shots:

-Braided bun with a paranda, secured with claw clips.

Lots of paranda pics in the paranda label


2. Hairbands and circlets
Practically the only hairband I own! I'm not a very headband person - Now, circlets are another thing :D!



-A PreciousPlunder (on Etsy) Celtic silver-and-amber crystals circlet

-An Elvish circlet from the Effeyl shop:

And another circlet from Etsy:

Both of them:

 3. Ficcaré-style clips

Ficcaré style clips (I don't own any Ficcaré, but I don't know how else to call them), one plastic, two metal. 

-Action shots: Large Ficcaré-style metal clip

 Half-up with a smaller clip.

 4. Barrettes
Large barrettes. These usually don't work for me in half-ups because my hair is so fine-textured and slippery, but I can get them to work as accents in updos and braids:

Rose bun with a wood barrette.

Wood and metal barrette as an accent in a French braid.

Gibson tuck with wood barrette

5. A buncage
I hardly ever use it because it's rather cumbersome, but still: Pretty! :)

6. Decorative pins, small barrettes, etc.

Small decorative hair stuff such as clips, barrettes, pins and leaf ribbons.

-Action shots:  
The dragonfly small clip as an accent to a beribboned braid:

A star pin I got in Vienna in a one-coil Chinese bun with an accent braid:

A German silver leaf clip in an Elvish half-up:

 Amethyst pin in a crown-style Elven updo:

Harry Potter books bobby pins:

Small barrette:

Small flower clip:

Leaf ribbons and fake flowers for Elven styles:

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