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Thor - Frigga's Coronation hair - 1st try

Here's the belated post about my first try at recreating Frigga's Coronation updo from the movie Thor (2011). I described the hairstyle, showed reference pics and posted some potentially helpful videos in this post

Like I said in my first Frigga post, I'd like to give this updo another go because there are a couple of things I didn't get as accurate as I'd like (like the fact that Frigga's updo is higher and the fact that the side sections are pinned before the rest of the hair, and not after). However, I also rather like how this first version turned up, so here goes:
  • Starting texture:  Heatless bendy rollers curls, as described here.
  • Tools:
-Bobby pins. Quite a lot in my case, both open and closed.
-Some decorative pins to pin the separated side sections.
-Elastic to secure the initial anchoring point (medium height half-up in the case of the video tutorial I followed, high ponytail or higher half-up for a higher final bun).
-Some tool to separate sections of hair, if needed.
-I used a plastic hair piece to create a bit more volume in the crown area. For the next time I'm going to go for a donut or an elongated foam hair volumizer piece, because this plastic one got caught in my hair and it was really difficult to take out (ah the days before my using foam donuts xD).
-Optional fixator, like hairspray. I didn't use any in my first try. The pins do keep the curls in shape,  and the hairstyle stayed for quite a while on its own, so I'd maybe go for some just as a light finishing touch or to add more texture in some cases.
  • References and method: Screenshots, general description and videos in my first Frigga post. I based this recreation mainly on the last video shown in the post (PrincessHairstyles' Special Ocassion Curly Updo). While I think it's a great starting reference point, I'd like to change a couple of things on my second try in order to make it more accurate to Frigga's updo:  
   -Because Frigga's updo is higher on the head than the one in the tutorial, it would be better to start with a high ponytail (with a donut for more volume) instead of a half-up. Or maybe with a half-up, but higher on the head. A half-up would mean that keeping the nape of the neck polished is a bit more difficult though, and Frigga's nape seems pretty polished, so I think a ponytail would be more accurate (Missy from Doctor Who, for example, wears the back less polished and more textured, so I gof or a half-up in her case).

   -The side sections I pinned at the end, following the tutorial and what I thought was the way to go with Frigga's updo as well. But then I found the reference picture with Frigga wearing her coronation dress with her length down and the side sections pinned up, so those sections would be the first ones to pin.

And pics of this first try (click for bigger pics):

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