Thursday, 25 September 2014

A long-hair in London: Random hair pics and a hair meet

So now that my master's final project is done (yay!), I'm finally back to my hair blog, this time with some hair pics from my Summer trip to London, including hair-length shots, a braid, and pics from a LHC (Long Hair Community) hair meet :). 
  • Starting with a couple of general hair pics, at the Viking and Celtic sections of the British Museum, in the Who Shop with the TARDIS (Whovian here), and before the 221B of the Sherlock BBC series in North Gower St (hardcore Sherlockian here!):

  • I took pics of this braid: It started out as a French braid and I pulled the hair into a ponytail halfway through and braided the length with a paranda (I'll post about parandas soon, because Im obsessed about them):

  • And finally, my first ever LHC hair meet! The meet was great fun and included length photoshoots, admiring each other hairtoys, playing with each other's hair, food, trees and talking, about hair and other matters.
Only at a hair meet can you smell a hairstick without having people gawking at you xD

 To finish this post, some pics featuring length shots with fellow longhair friend Piffyanne (we have roughly the same length) and the updo that she did on my hair: 


  1. Lovely pictures! That bun looks so pretty! :)

    1. Thanks! :) I agree, Piffyanne's updo is really pretty (and comfy too!)