Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Just a couple of hair pics

Want to get back to tutorials (hopefully with videos, I've done a couple so far, unedited as yet) asap, so in the meanwhile oldish pics it is!  I'm posting this as a kind of 'reminder-update', more than as a tutorial, because it's just a simple half-up with a clip and some loose braidwaves. But I do like how my hair looks in these a lot, so why ever not :)

Will be back soon with my first attempt at Frigga's Coronation updo from Thor I (which I have to attempt again because it's not quite right), a couple of posts about parandas and braids with parandas (video included), and a pic overload of the Chinese bun, which I use a lot. Probably also an easy video of the cinnamon bun.

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