Monday, 7 April 2014

The Gibson tuck

First try at the Gibson tuck (with talbone-to-classic hair)
The Gibson tuck is an Edwardian hairstyle I really like. The con is that I find it a bit tricky for my long, slippery hair. I generally need more than one try to get it relatively right, so it's not a style I can do in a rush (...been there, done that :D). 
My second attempt at the Gibson tuck, following Emi longhairedatheart's video (below)
  • Steps:
   1) Gather your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic.
 Can be a low ponytail at the nape of the neck or a higher ponytail. I've seen many variations. I normally go for a medium-height ponytail, because very low ponytails or styles very low on the nape are uncomfortable for me.

   2) Loosen the ponytail by pulling the elastic out and up a bit.
 You're going to tuck your hair inside that opening, so how far you have to pull will depend on how thick and/or long your hair is. I'd say not to pull a lot even if your hair is very long, because it could slide all the way through the opening (been there, done that, a lot :D). As with so many things, it was a bit of trial and error for me.

   3) Split the hair over the elastic with your fingers, creating a hole. 
You're going to flip and tuck your hair through that opening you've created. 

   4) Flip the ponytail into this opening and tuck all the hair in. 
There is more than one option for this step - 
    -You can simply tuck all your hair into the opening (like Habioku or FrannyG do, see below). If your hair isn't very long, this might work. If your hair is longer, though, the hair might simply refuse to stay inside. 
  - Other tutorials suggest flipping your hair repeteadly into the opening until you run out of hair (like they do in the Bobby Glam tutorial, see below). I've tried this, and personally I find that my hair tangles a lot with this variation, so I prefer -
   -For longer hair, Emi longhairedatheart suggests (in her video, see below) alternatively flipping the hair on the right, left and center parts of the opening, instead of simply flipping on the center all the time. This evens the overall size and shape of the style, also making up for potential taper in the length (when you are close to the ends, for example, flip twice at the same side instead of switching sides).

Once all the hair is tucked relativelt safely inside, spread at will until you get a shape that you like.

   5) You can hide the opening and help secure the style by adding a decorative barrette. This is usually done by holding the two sides of the opening together and securing them with the barrette. Also with a claw clip (like Habioku does in her video) and then with a decocative barrette.

Finally, I list some pic and video tutorials below in case this is difficult to understand these steps without any visual help:
  •    For shorter hair:
-Bobby Glam tutorial, with step-by-step pics, written instructions and video:
-Habioku's video tutorial:

  • For longer hair:
-Emi longhairedatheart's video tutorial for longer hair. This one helped me a lot for my then classic-to fingertip hair:


  1. This is one of my favorites to, but I never managed to do it nicely.
    Yours are gorgeous though!

    1. Thanks! :) I may had had luck those two days, though, because lately I'm unable to get it reasonably right. Anyway, that should be a challenge, right? :D