Thursday, 10 April 2014

Hairstyles - Half-ups

Seeing as these are mostly self-explanatory, this is mainly a pic overload of different half-ups I've tried (click for bigger pics).

-Updated March 2018
  • Three-strand braided half-ups:
   A very simple, yet very Elvish half-up, in my opinion.


- With ribbons:


Cosplay styles:



-Elven-ranger cosplay multi-braided half-up: Individual post here.


-Two three-strand accent braids knotted together:
  Just experimenting one Summer day (don't mind the clumpy, braidwave-free ends xD That's what happens when you want braidwaves but forget about the tassel *mental facepalm*. For heatless waves, I'd say either braid all the way down to the ends, as far as you can get, or my favourite, bandanna/bendy rollers waves for the braid's tassel. Unless you like this kind of wavy-then-straight look, of course. Everyone is different.)
  • Rope-braided half-ups:

-Two rope braids held by decorative pins and braided into another rope:

  • Fishtail-braided half-ups:
I handle the fishtail (more or less) when braiding my 3-strand braid tassel...but I still have a practice a lot if I want to do a full/half-up fishtail braid from the top. Yes, I've hardly practiced this braid.
  • Just two pieces of hair held back with an elastic and/or barrette:
 (left one)



  • Bunned half-ups:
I generally use the elastic I use to secure the two side pieces of hair as an anchor for this little bun, same as I'd do with a full bun. You can also bun the sections without any elastics, of course, I just find this easier because my hair is so slippery.

-Rose bun: Individual post here

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