Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Orchid bun

The Orchid bun is named for its ressemblance to the flower and was invented by AnaisSatin from the Long Hair Community forums. Here are her original instructions on how to do it:
And here is the LHC thread that introduced me to the style:

I guess you can either twist it to one side or the other. Probably because I am left-handed, I ended up twisting towards the left. This is how it came out, with a Ficcaré-style clip (a fork or hairstick works as well):

My hair being very slippery, I guess it didn't came out as polished as I'd ideally wanted it to be, plus the orchid shape isn't that good either. But practice makes perfect!

  • YouTube video useful tutorials:
This one (by findingmyowntwofeet) was very useful to me when I first tried the style. It's also one of the Orchid videos that ressemble Anais' original tutorial the best, imo: 

Then I've selected a couple more, by Haartraum and  torrinpaige. These seem to do an additional twist when creating the orchid shape, I haven't tried that version yet:


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