Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Length-shortening buns: The 'Comet bun'

This post is for another half-updo / length-shortening bun. I used to do this one quite a lot a few years ago (note to self: Go back to it, it's cool!). I call it the "Comet bun" after a suggestion of a fellow LHC member (, because it does look a bit like a comet with its tail. An idea probably reinforced by the henna glow I used to have back then. Gods, how I miss that copper glow! (note to self: I want to go back to henna too). It's also a pretty cool name seeing as I'm an Astrophysicist in training :)

The steps:

1) I put my hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic (these kind of buns do not necessarily require an elastic, but my slippery hair is grateful for the added security).

2) Without twisting it, I wrap the ponytail length twice around the base of the pony (depending on how long your hair is and how long you want the 'tail' to be, you'll be wrapping the length more or less times). I try to do it more loosely than in the case of the cinnamon half-updo (plus no twisting), to make the bun (the 'head of the comet') as voluminous as possible.

3) I want the 'tail of the comet' to be under the bunned hair, instead of falling at one side like in the cinnamon half-updo. So I make sure that the tail stays under and at the centre of the bun before securing it (in this case, it was a small ficcaré-style clip at the middle of the bun and a couple of claw clips around it). The pins keep the tail in place.

4) I also add volume by pinning the bun securely but a bit messily, so that over time the centre of the bun will protrude and puff out a bit. That effect is, I think, mainly caused by the small ficcaré-style clip, which I put on the top-middle part of the bun. It isn't visible in the pics because the bunned hair above the clip has fallen down covering it, giving that impression of more volume, It was initially unintentional, but I liked the effect. I don't always seem to get it, though - sometimes, the clip seem to hold my hair so well it hardly protrudes or falls over it.
An actual donut could also be added to boost the volume of the 'comet's head' as well. I haven't tried that yet.

This is the clip (in another half-updo):

I'm thinking about starting to do hair videos...Maybe that'd be of more help than just the steps and some pics alone. Also, maybe it would motivate me to practise!

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