Monday, 3 February 2014

Cosplay styles: Elven ranger hairstyle

I went as a Rivendell Elven ranger for the opening of The Desolation of Smaug and this is how I wore my hair:

It inspired on Tauriel's hair, although I didn't have the time to do the 'authentic' Tauriel style. I'll be attempting that one one of these days. I'm still honing my fishtail and close to the head lace braids as yet, too :).

   This one is comparatively easier. It consists of a three-strand lace braid on each side of the head (not as high as Tauriel wears them) and a simple three-strand at the back of the head. I joined these three braids together at the back and tied them with a clear elastic. Then I did a rope braid.
   I wanted to wear my hair loose but not to have to worry about it tangling too much, so I imitated Tauriel  (she seems to do this to her hair in some of the promos) and contained my hair by braiding the ends a bit and tying them off with a clear elastic.

  I used a bit of aloe vera gel, which can be used as a fixing styling gel, to fix the braids a bit and help tame the flyaways. The final touch was a decorative German silver leaf barrette over the clear elastic that holds the three accent braids together.
For lace-braids and rope braids, these can be handy:
-Three-strand lace-braid: Like a normal braid, only you add hair from one side as you braid (can be added from either of the two sides). In a French or Dutch braid you add hair from both sides as you braid:

-Rope braid: Can look tricky, but it's really simple. You simply divide the hair in two strands and twist them together. It's important to twist always in the same direction and keep twisting all the way until the braid is finished and tied: (I'd skip the hairspray every time one does a braid or any style, though. Too much hairspray dries out and damages hair. Aloe vera gel or a sea-salt based fixator is better for a lighter, alcohol-free hold).

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  1. That hairstyle looks so good on you! It's great you can go like an elvish ranger to the film opening! :D

    1. ^^ It's virtually the only chance I have to go out in Middle-earth/medieval clothes, apart from the Tolkien Society meets, so it was a chance I was not going to let go :D!